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My Philosophy


SMART is a unique client/patient approach to modern day wellness and health that has been developed over the past twenty years of clinical experience. It is a 5-faceted approach to addressing and solving 21st century health problems. It draws from the keystones of fitness, evidence based medical research and technology.  


Goal: to provide an overall body canvas of an individual that is waiting to be their own masterpiece


It gives birth to two novel ideas that make up a person's overall wellness status. 

What is a "movement signature"?

While our anatomical structures are the same -- we each have our own unique ways of moving and interpreting pain. 

We move based on the environment, zip code, work space, lifestyle, sports, physical demands of the job, commute, housing, hobbies, etc. 


This uniqueness made me coin the term "movement signature" which is different for each person. Just as every signature is made up of varying letters and combinations within the alphabet; movement as a whole varies between people; based on their muscle and movement efficiency patterns.


I believe this can dictate or cause a predisposition to muscle imbalances and joint dysfunction over time. 

What is "Pain EQ"? 


From early childhood the experience pain invades our body which allows the development of an awareness to it as a sensation. However it can also be observed visually or auditory through environmental and social interactions. 


While the pain gate theory sounds logical and simple -- it is complex because of humanness. 


There is enough research on the complexity of pain. It spans across genres ranging from medicine, pharmacy, sociology, philosophy , psychology and cellular biology to DNA. 


This is why though pain receptors exist in everyone ; the body interpretation varies.

My understanding of pain has been enriched by extensive reading and global clinical experiences across continents, race, cultures, socio-economic, education , urban cities and rural life. 


Therefore the interpretation of pain plays a role in healing, manifestation of pain patterns and  new strategies.


So I coined the term "Pain EQ" which is how a person interprets pain to them at that moment in time. 

Identifying these patterns and educating the patient on their own uniqueness is what makes the SMART approach effective.


  • Determine movement signature

  • Determine pain EQ

  • Create balance and harmony 

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