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About Me


Hi! I’m Renuka Pinto, an internationally trained and traveled physical therapist with over two decades of experience in sports medicine and manual therapy.

My journey began in India where I received both my Bachelor’s and Postgraduate degree in Physiotherapy. Working in both rural and urban India allowed me to gain a deep insight into pain across socio-economic boundaries and patient populations. My early training allowed me to develop a keen sense of innovation in the absence of technology.

Australia has been the place where PT as a profession rooted itself in manual therapy. So I headed to the prestigious University of Melbourne to pursue my Master's Degree in 2001. As an Australian trained therapist I have immense training and clinical experience in the schools of Maitland, McKenzie and Neurodynamic-Butler approaches of manual therapy. My time there broadened my understanding of sports medicine and pain management. Learning from experts in the field; I imbibed their philosophy of listening skills and evidence based practice. 

My early career lasted a decade in professional sports! I have worked with both individual and team sports — while I was Down Under my first job was the sports trainer with the Prahan Football club. I was the first woman to consult with the National Cricket Academy, the India Cricket A team, and the touring international West Indies team in 2002. Woohoo for girl power!!!

I moved to NYC and earned my strength and conditioning certification from the NSCA in 2003. After a few years in clinical practice I joined the WTA. I traveled across cities and continents for 3 years, on the international women's tennis circuit providing physical therapy and athlete care to professional tennis players. I had the privilege to be the physical therapist for the Indian Fed Cup team and the Indian tennis team at the Beijing Olympics in 2008. I fulfilled my childhood dream by the time I reached 30 — by being a PT at all four tennis grand slams and an Olympics! Wimbledon is my favorite!

My area of expertise are sports medicine, biomechanics and sports injuries! Working with pro athletes and becoming a mom of three girls I developed three programs based on my clinical knowledge , personal experience and research: sports performance enhancement, Happy Feet and P3 method for pregnant women.

I have also been an adjunct professor at SUNY Downstate where I taught manual and orthopedic related skills to DPT students. Since 2010 I have mentored and supervised over forty DPT students from Tri-state area universities. 

I have presented research and papers at conferences and given lectures to medical and fitness professionals on the management of sports injuries, preventative exercises to improve sports performance and analysis of movement.


I live in New Jersey with my family. I truly enjoy sports and pursue seasonal and yearlong sports that include: skiing, ice skating, running, hiking, and swimming. I am a scout mom, a community volunteer, and I love cooking.

My motto: "Celebrate life".

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