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SMART Pregnancy


  • Pregnant women: first child and multiple children

  • Family members

  • Spouses

  • Parents to be 



  • Because you are unique and have doubts, questions, searching for answers etc. 

  • I have a decade of experience in improving the musculoskeletal health of pregnant women

  • I work WITH your entourage of experts that include doctors, doulas, trainers

  • I've been on this rodeo myself and tested it 



What to expect?


How to shop for the changing you? 

How to make smart decisions on baby items  based on space and your shape?  

Muscle Joint Health

Biomechanical screen of your changing body and screening for pain 

Optimizing pelvic mechanics for natural birthing process 


Discover YOU and your feelings. Gain confidence in your own research, embrace your cultural background and ideas of birth, honest discussion on birthing and choices.


Discuss choices for staying active and fit.


Liaison with team members for Pilates, yoga, massage, etc.

Training for baby care for individuals and couples.

Pregnancy Spotlight

I call Renuka the miracle worker who changed my life. I came to her with a painful back injury from 15 years ago in addition to debilitating headaches. After 15 years of trying every type of doctor possible, Renuka was the first person who was able to successfully treat my pain by treating the causes rather than just the symptoms.

Renuka patiently and expertly diagnosed and unpeeled the onion that was my broken body; treating each underlying issue while explaining the ‘why’ and ‘what’. I am also an ice hockey player and she helped me understand how some of the movements which could have exacerbated this injury. She was able to undo most of the problems my body had encountered and allowed me once again to play hockey pain-free.

When I became pregnant, Renuka and I had numerous telemedicine calls where she recommended and demonstrated such things as prenatal sleeping positions, how to move around safely (up from a seated position, footwear etc.) and how to ensure I was comfortable and safe while I drove. She continued to explain the strains on a pregnant body and demonstrated how to avoid overuse of body parts during pregnancy pre and post partum.

Renuka is empathetic, passionate about what she does, and when she is treating you, you are the only person she is focused on. I always looked forward to my time with Renuka both for the unrivaled physical benefits and the wonderful conversations we have during our sessions.

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