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SMART Athlete


​If you live love breathe sports this is for you.


  • Three million recreational sport injuries happen on average each year.

  • Sports medicine data shows half million from exercise alone

So ask yourself, are you playing the sport for fitness vs are you fit for the sport?


In depth discussion about sports history: throws, light on skill level, training, etc. Video analysis of sport: whether it's your stride or swing -- the body doesn't lie on compensations and limitations. Addressing this enhances the performance of skill.


Movement analysis with wearable sensor* and FMS scoring provides data to identify the weakest links


All sports need the three As: agility, alignment, and aerobic. Get the tools to enhance and improve your A game.


Addressing and discussing repetitive injuries and offering corrective exercises. 


Introduction to gravity fit system 


Discuss training load and rest cycles. Discuss performance eating.

When I worked with the pros on the WTA circuit -- I was privileged to work with Martina Navratilova just before she retired. What an athlete to play at age 50 doubles! 


Tennis gave me to treat the William sisters, Martina Hingis, Maria Sharapova etc.


Working as the personal physio and trainer with former Asia No.1 Sania Mirza -- was living the daily life and travel of the athlete.

Current Athlete clients include: 

  • Marathon runners

  • Golf

  • Tennis

  • Martial arts

  • Swim

*in person consultation dorsavi wearable sensors

Athlete Spotlight

"After hobbling the last mile in a 10 mile race with never before ankle pain, a friend suggested I visit Renuka Pinto to see what the heck was going on with my body. I walked in the door sure my running days were on hold for a while... and she looked me up and down...had me walk back and forth...promptly prescribed my issue and set me on her table for treatment. Her manual therapy is yes, painful (those small hands are amazingly strong!) but also extremely precise. To my surprise I was back to pain free running for my  weekend long run. She also made time in our 45 minute appointment to explain the source of the pain and prescribe exercises to strengthen my body for endurance running. I never felt rushed during my visit and left feeling well cared for. I am extremely grateful for her skilled hands and sports-physiology knowledge. I continue to visit her every training cycle to make sure I am running as efficiently as possible."

Amanda H.

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