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The design of a man's narrow hips, broad shoulders and hormones gives him a unique set of injuries based on the demands they place on their bodies. There is general disbelief of the injury, how could it happen and what's the prognosis. 


I find these questions very valuable and pertinent because it brings us to a conversation of invincibility and healing.

Understanding the musculoskeletal system and its aging process, the emphasis and myths of training, acceptance of work life demands all play an integral part to risk of injury and outcome.


So be SMART!


Strength training: which groups and outcomes

Stretching: the long haul

Stability: foundation in core strength is important.

Exploring these facets and education on current needs.

This is the key to success mastering the balancing act.


Assess movement using screening tools to identify inefficient links in kinetic chain.


Analysis of breathing patterns and identifying dysfunctions that hinder optimal aerobic performance. 

Alignment of posture


Discuss injury history and provide maintenance program for corrective exercises


Liaison with health coach and other fitness experts in providing holistic approach to nutrition and wellness


"Renuka Pinto is the type of true professional we all search for but few of us are lucky to find. She is exceptionally attentive to her patients' needs and concerns, caring for her patients from the first moments of meeting them and leading all the way to recovery. In her efforts, leveraging her diverse experience in physical therapy, Renuka works with her patients to develop customized recovery plans. In addition, Renuka is also an innovative and motivating public speaker and entrepreneur."

-Aleksandr G.

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