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The shape of a woman commands the kind of movements she is able to do gracefully and with poise. Choice of sport early on in life sometimes influences repetitive injuries in later life. This delicate balance between strength and flexibility determines  performance in sports. 


If you live a fast paced life and play recreational or competitive sport -- knowing your power foundation is key to staying injury free. 


Whether it's your first time or you are a seasoned athlete, if career and life choices have kept you out of the game -- this program is for you.

Strength & Stretching & Stability

Strength training: the least emphasis is placed on strength.

Stretching: it comes naturally but usually overdone.

Stability: foundation in core strength is important.

Exploring these facets and education on current needs.

This is the key to success mastering the balancing act.


Evaluate movement using screening tools to identify inefficient links in kinetic chain.


Balancing boobs on butt! 

Aerobic & Alignment

Analysis of breathing patterns and identifying dysfunctions that hinder optimal aerobic performance. 

In women hormones and stress play a role.

Alignment of posture 


Discuss injury history and provide maintenance program for corrective exercises.


Liaison with health coach and other fitness experts in providing holistic approach to nutrition and wellness 

Woman Spotlight

"Renuka Pinto brings to her work a unique psychological mindedness that promotes holistic growth and healing. She deftly interweaves the science of the body and its inner workings with expert knowledge of the dynamic and nuanced factors that play into experience of pain. Having previously been active as a runner and dancer, I felt dysphoric about any future ability to enjoy movement, and was even beginning to worry I would be unable to experience regular parts of my day to day (such as sitting to do work) without excruciating pain. It was only after beginning with Renuka that I began to feel less hopeless as I saw that the relief I felt after sessions was not fleeting and built upon itself with each session. She is firm in her understanding of the body and direct in diagnosing; she encourages questions and is clear in her explanation of rationale behind treatment approach. Just by watching me move, before even using tactile information, Renuka was always able to immediately pinpoint the area which was triggering the decreased mobility and pain. She was also able to help me grasp how even when my pain point may have moved, there was a connection between the shifted pain and original pain, elucidating the intricate ways the different muscles and nerves interact. Her precision of deep tissue manipulation and following up with specific exercises to maintain the improved function in the days post-appointment is unparalleled. In addition to her physical therapy proficiency, Renuka is lovely and warm. As she talks to you during your appointment, she is piecing together how this pain or change to functional movement is impacting your day to day, on more than just the physical level. Renuka possesses the uncanny ability to connect with any person, expressing genuine interest in understanding their lived experience, in their bodies as well as within their profession, culture, and family. To this end, Renuka will provide practical ways to work on alignment in between sessions, ones which are realistic to juggling demands of daily life. I recommend her wholeheartedly with highest praise to anyone struggling with understanding what is happening in their body and seeking a way to not only reduce their pain but to empower themselves through strengthening their mind-body connection."

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