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Choose SMART -- Live Well

SMART is a unique approach to wellness

SMART is the very best of sports science applied to an individual to reach their highest movement potential


Developed with the wisdom and experience of over two decades of clinical work


It is an invitation to live well


It is an opportunity to reach your healthy potential


Let's begin the journey

Renuka's Background

Renuka's areas of expertise are sports medicine, biomechanics and sports injuries! Working with pro athletes and becoming a mom of three girls, she developed three programs based on her clinical knowledge, personal experience and research: sports performance enhancement, Happy Feet and P3 method for pregnant women.

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"Renuka’s hands can work miracles. Renuka’s magic is a combination of years training and experience plus intuition and the god-given talent.

I come to Renuka for regular tune-ups. She works with the body like a piano tuner. She feels and listens to the joints like a tuner listens and feels the vibration of the strings."

—  Olga S.

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